Survival recipes

Afroditi Anastopoulou / Christina Fragodimitraki / Iliana Fylla / Maria Glyka / Sofia Grigoriadou / Dimitra Kondylatou / Lela / Alkistis Lara Papadaki / Elpida Rikou / Steriani Tsintziloni

Exhibition of the results of a participatory workshop hosted by or.artspace. The workshop dealt with survival in the art world in Greece, using the artistic handling of food as a tool. Considering “recipes” as narratives that guide the creation of dishes while revealing their constitution, we explore issues around artist precariousness, mental resilience and the sustainability of independent art groups, among others. Workshop coordinators: Sofia Grigoriadou, Dimitra Kondylatou, Alkistis Lara Papadaki, Elpida Rikou. 11/12-13/12, 18:00-22:00