Another Day in Paradise

Anthi Kougia & Evdokia Noula / FYTA / Nefeli Papaioannou & Dina Kafterani / Vincent Meyrignac / Olga Souri / Katerina Charou / Jean-Damien Charmoille / Rapa Nui (Marion Manika) / Patríς Valkaniçopoulos / Paul-Emile Bertonèche & Macklin Kowal

In the group exhibition that marks the opening of Η(e)avens’ festival program, Greece, a peculiar land, is seen through various visual and audiovisual means: a land bathed in eternal summer, a land whose inhabitants live in a perpetual state of bliss, an earthly paradise where departed shipowners care for the living — a land that exists only in tourist guides, in interviews with government representatives, or in the advertisements of major cultural institutions. The exhibition will remain open until December 17th.

English, Greek